Israel at War – Day 131

Israel at War – Day 131

BREAKING: Hamas Leader Sinwar ESCAPES via Terror Tunnel; IDF Uncovers Hamas HIDEOUT | TBN Israel

TBN Israel’s Yair Pinto reports on the Israel-Hamas War. Pinto reports on the IDF’s concerted effort to capture Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar who was spotted fleeing with his family via underground terror tunnels in Gaza. As a new round of new hostage negotiations begin, Pinto reports that Hamas officials are purportedly unable to contact their head leader. Please join us in praying for the capture of Sinwar, the release of all hostages, and the end of this evil terrorist regime. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments here on TBN Israel.


(Day 131) Swords of Iron- “Prayer Boost” by Aliyah Return Center

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