Israel at War – Day 161

Israel at War – Day 161

Iranian Ex-Muslim ESCAPES Islamic Law & Discovers the SHOCKING Truth About Jesus | TBN Israel

Pastor Ramin Parsha joins Samuel Smadja to share his extraordinary life journey. Raised as a Shiite Muslim in Iran, Parsha endured torture and brutality in the name of Allah. Through divine grace, he broke free from this torment and embraced Jesus. Now residing in Israel with his Jewish wife, Parsha spreads the boundless love and forgiveness he found in Christianity, echoing Jesus’ message of praying for our enemies to the world. Don’t miss this episode of Hear O Israel from TBN Israel!

Please join us in praying for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem.

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(Day 161) Swords of Iron- “Polarization” by Aliyah Return Center


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